I’ll be honest; it’s been a rather poor start to the year for me in quite a few ways. That said, it’s also been rather awesome – does that mean it’s just normal or that I’m confused as to what life should be like?

In any other situation, I’d say “Let’s start with the negative stuff so we end on a positive, happy note. It’s always good to end on a smile.” However, I’d rather follow a timeline of events to-date beginning with the start of my year; it’s been a wild ride already.

January 1st, 2014 – Morocco Chewed Me Up and Spat Me Out

It’s true, it’s true. Whilst I was having an amazing experience, Morocco had another idea for me. The end of 2013 was a huge high – I’d made a new friend, this awesome lady Faye, and I’d explored a fair amount of Morocco considering my entire trip duration was only 4 days. I’d absolutely dominated Marrakech exploring every nook and cranny I could get lost in, chowing down on crazy food I’d never heard of and enjoying some ‘hashish’… look it up.

Sitting there feeling hazy, confused, guzzling a hot chocolate way too quickly, enjoying a rather pleasant conversation with Faye about the situation we were in – I felt liberated. I enjoyed a sense of freedom and was overwhelmed by the absolutely random scenario I had found myself in, it was brilliant, I’d met this lady just a few weeks ago on a separate flight and was now more than aware that I probably shouldn’t be intoxicated. I didn’t care though, it was awesome. I remember us both being amazed by the amount of youths on the streets at night; as I took another hit of the hashish.

I could talk Morocco for a long time, but I like to keep at least some things to myself…

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Figured it’d be worth giving a small update. Lately I’ve had no single subject I felt the need to cover in detail, which usually leads to the procrastination I spoke about in previous posts. I hate the idea I haven’t updated my beautiful website though; so here’s some generic updates on my life.

Melanie Radliff

As per the last post, Melanie came to visit; it was quite awesome to be honest. It’s one of those situations where you do your best to show someone else a good time but never really know exactly whether they’re enjoying it – you know?

I got to re-explore London which was awesome and I certainly loved that she was able to experience something new. It’s the best when you can walk about a new city learning about someone else. Here’s us having a beer at a random pub.

Michael and Melanie

Me and Melanie

Business Stuff

Business is tough, exhausting and thrilling. Hours have been in excess of 12 hours a day, and all members of the team put under strain.

This year has been a roller coaster ride for those involved in the affiliate industry. However, we have been able to stay on top and ride the storm. For a while things were very difficult…

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I was at a crazy house-party in Orlando, Florida earlier this year. I’d met the host, Kevan Holland, the previous year and decided to pay him a visit – this guy below about to slide down the stairs, haha!

Kevan, Sliding Down The Stairs!

Kevan, Sliding Down The Stairs!

To my surprise it was a totally different crowd and there were only one or two of the people I’d met the year before. So, again, it was a case of chatting away and making some new friends. Awesome, I love that. Here they are…

The Party Crowd!

The Party!

One young lady in particular asked me about the wrist-bands I wear, and what I was doing in the USA, let alone how I’d somehow arrived at her friends’ party. I loved how enthusiastic she was about what I was doing. She proceeded to tell me about what she’d been planning.

Marseille, France was the destination, an au pair the occupation, yet no plans on dates or when she might finally take the leap. The conversation went on and she explained how she was nervous, unsure about making friends, and whether they’d receive her well as an American coming to Europe. All more than reasonable concerns; you never know how the French will respond, hehe. Though drunk and probably somewhat slurred, we talked it over for a while and she seemed rather confident about going.

So I made a deal with her. I told her…

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Today, I learned of a rather sickening situation.

Something that further encouraged my lust for moving away from London, especially by the time I have children and they need educating!

I was talking with a close friends’ younger brother, he’s 12. He was telling me about school; what’s new, what he’s doing well and what he feels about certain subjects. We quickly moved onto why I thought History and Geography are quite important, though empathised with his frustration as I too despised the lessons back when I was his age. They were dull and I very rarely felt I was learning anything I could use – pretty much the main argument about the UKs educational system.

During this conversation I explained to him why both History and Geography were important. He agreed, understood and thought about it differently and said – “Well, why don’t they teach it like that in school?”. Well said young man, well said…

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